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Trust a community of curators and thinkers who sift through the best blogs, Twitter threads, podcasts, and videos so you don’t have to.

Endless Depths of Rabbit Holes

Unrestricted access to a curated collection of startups, content, people, and topics - all organized based on their connections, just like you mind works.

Insights > Links

Highlights on the best essays, podcasts, books, etc... so you get the key insights in minutes, not hours. (Because nobody wants a long list of links.)

Inspiration On-Demand

Be inspired by serendipitous knowledge when you need creative raw material, supporting research, or a shot of inspiration.

Hard to Find, Behind the Scenes Data

Discover the people behind the scenes at up-and-coming startups — the studio that designed the site, the angel investor that wrote the check, the freelance copywriter, and others who are rarely showcased to the outside world.

Searchable Relevance

Track what the smartest minds are saying and reading about the most relevant topics in a searchable, organized way

If you care about...


What should I read to learn about the evolution of the creator economy and creator monetization?

What is the future of coliving?


What startups are doing interesting things in carbon offsetting and carbon removal?


Why are we seeing a resurgence consumer social and online micro communities?

What are the narratives driving the future of media?


Why are we witnessing a rise in newsletters?

Who did the branding for your favorite consumer brand?


What is driving the hype around Non Fungible Tokens (NFTs)?


Who is investing in DTC Brands?


What are the most interesting digital wellness apps?



... then Startupy is for you.

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"If Twitter is a mall, Startupy is the library, gracefully ushering you into meditative trails and new intellectual ground."

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"Startupy is a human-scale, handcrafted internet in opposition to the ocean of mediocracy and thoughtlessness propagated by algorithmic monoculture."

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"Startupy is Roam-style organization, with Substack like content, Tumblr like aesthetics, StumbleUpon serendipity, and Wikipedia-like collective vibes."

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"Startupy will be the intellectual capital of the metaverse."

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"I’ve found the access to the network of thinkers and doers across the group to be the most valuable. I believe this is the core of communities, what happens between members after they connect and the magic that follows. It’s all about humans behind the content."

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"As someone who could spend hours and hours getting lost in a good rabbit hole, Startupy is a dream! I love being able to discover new people, insights and ways of thinking about my work and the world."

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